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Jon barges into Lousia ‘Louie’ Hawks’ office and demands help finding his ex-girlfriend. He claims to be searching for love, but as Louie delves into the case, she finds shiny, dirty secrets instead. Who will end up with the prize, and who may not reach the end at all? Find out in The Lilith Necklace, a noir short film about men, women, and the roles they play.

The Lilith Teaser

The Lilith Trailer


The stylistic difference in trailers represent two different takes. The teaser by director Melanie Killingsworth keeps the same dimensions as the film; the 4:3 ratio mimics the classic style of 35mm films while subverting their conventions. Assistant editor Will Olsen uses 16:9 for a modern twist in his trailer, giving it a the full, epic feeling while bringing in textual and transitional elements from 40s trailers like Mildred Pierce.

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